Business, Technical and Management Consulting

CIC Management Consulting invests in, advises and manages a range of futuristic projects in information technology, healthcare, energy and education. We bring international management experience and global marketing expertise to local projects. We bring knowledge, experience and objectivity to help companies succeed and grow their business.

Support business organization and development companies with:

Create value, maximize growth and improve business performance


We help companies improve their business, operational and financial aspects to develop new projects and add value through our investment partnerships.


We provide strategic knowledge and investments to support new business models and expand to newer geographies.


We help companies run their operations better using our global experience in business consulting.


We support companies with marketing to their target customer segments, and support customers after the sale.

Project development

We support renewable energy projects from feasibility to commissioning. Projects include solar, hydro, biomass, biogas, and wind.

IT Services

We provide advisory services, consulting & implementation services, customization & integration services, data management services and resourcing.