Facilitating the delivery of healthcare to patients

In spite of rapid industrialization in the healthcare segment, the cost of providing care has not reduced. The combination of mobile, social, cloud and analytical technologies is integrating products and services efficiently, resulting in cost-effective healthcare solutions.

CIC has vast experience in international investments and business advisory services. We can help you access the best people, process and technology to take your business to the next level.

CIC is interested in investing in innovative projects in healthcare. Companies that are in need of capital, advice or execution can benefit from our wide international experience and business contacts.

Cost-effective healthcare franchisee models:

Partner with CIC to understand how we can make healthcare affordable by removing the barriers to cost and quality. We provide access to healthcare services and latest technologies. If you would like to take advantage of our business models, write to us.

What We Fund

We aim to assist physicians in sustaining and advancing their medical practices, support the delivery of quality patient care, and improve the healthcare system

Focus Areas for Investment, Advisory, Management

Healthcare Reform

Healthcare reform and legislative changes.

Practice Trends

Physicians practice to help deliver quality care to patients.

Physician Leadership

Healthcare excellence and improvements in healthcare delivery.

Physician Shortage

Current and future needs of all patients

Health IT

Information technology for healthcare delivery.


Survey of 20,000 U.S. Physicians Shows 80% of Doctors are Over-Extended or at Full Capacity, Demonstrating Growing Challenges for Patient Access

CIC Supports healthcare investments and technology ideas that impact our society positively.

Related priorities for healthcare

Electronic Health Records(EHR's) Healthcare Payer Care Management


Business inteligence

Performance Management

Customer Strategy and Exxperience Management

Risk Management