Building education models with a focus on universal development

Modeling new age education schools

We incorporate the foundational principles of LeadIndia into new age schools. Individuals and institutions looking to partner with international consultants to modernize their education systems will find true inspiration in our models. Write to us to participate in India's sunrise industry.

Write to for suitable franchisee models

We are glad to help upcoming schools with the support needed to


We help companies improve their business, operational and financial aspects to develop new projects and add value through our investment partnerships.


We provide strategic knowledge and investments to support new business models and expand to newer geographies.


We help companies run their operations better using our global experience in business consulting.


We support companies with marketing to their target customer segments, and support customers after the sale.

Project development

We support renewable energy projects from feasibility to commissioning.

We support education entrepreneurs with enabling resources to grow:


Support with business planning, sales and marketing. We provide advisory services to businesses to operational management, and project development and financing.


We provide technology and advice, and offer advice and funding for innovators that are developing on emerging technologies.


We work with financial institutions and investors to help them better leverage local technologies and business models. We work with entrepreneurs to improve their ability to secure funding and access our capital resources.

Delivery network

We facilitate partnerships amongst governments and regulators, service providers, suppliers, and distributors.

SME Advisory

Our multi-disciplinary team consists of professionals with private sector backgrounds in investment, consulting, financial advisory, law, investor relations, project development and engineering.

We provide a variety of services in financial, strategic and technical areas, all with the aim to make companies investible, and ultimately grow to serve more consumers.

CIC invests into forward thinking enterprises and provides consulting services for the following organizational requirements:

Business strategy


Financial and management controls

Human resources

Information technology